ABAG Bay Trail

Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP)

WHERE: 520 El Cerrito Plaza (above Trader Joe’s)

I. Call to order

II. Staff Report: Patricia Jones
a. CESP Open House
b. CESP accomplishments in 2007 (as relate to CESP goals)

III. Albany: Guest: Don Neuwirth, Consultant for Albany’s waterfront planning process
a. Waterfront planning process
b. Golden Gate Fields: (Robert Cheasty)

IV. EBRPD Update: Larry Tong, Ellen Barth
a. EBRPD receives $1.5 million from the Coastal Conservancy to restore 35
acres of the Berkeley Meadow, Phase III of this project and $700,000 for Brickyard Design.

Draft EIR Released for Salt Pond Restoration Project (Updated)

It has been a huge undertaking, but the Draft EIR for the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration project has been released. As indicated on the map, the project covers a huge area, from Fremont to Mountain View. There are other segments around the Bay not indicated on this map, particuarly around the Dumbarton Bridge.

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