Measure AA Open House - Oakley

The White House
204 2nd St.

The East Bay Regional Park District invites you to attend a public meeting to discuss the proposed 2008 Regional Park Bond Extension.

Measure AA Community Meeting - Concord

Centre Concord–Classroom
5298 Clayton Road, Concord

The East Bay Regional Park District invites you to attend a public meeting to discuss the proposed 2008 Regional Park Bond Extension.

Waterfront Action: Tidewater Park & Cybertran

Meeting at the Port of Oakland's 7th Floor Conference Room 530 Water Street

AGENDA discussions include:
Tidewater Park: Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline Site of Proposed Tidewater Aquatic Facility Brian Wiese, Chief of Planning and Stewardship for EBRPD

CyberTran International will present its new Ultra-Light Rail Transit system and some possible applications in the Oakland and Alameda areas.

Nimitz Way bike/ped path in Tilden Park

Assigned to:Unassigned
Created:Steve Anderson at November 11, 2007 - 9:30am
Status:New (Class I (bike/ped path) / Priority major)
Case ID:: -1115


pothole or pavement cracks


There are numerous pavement cracks parallel to the direction of travel on Nimitz Way. This is the paved bike/ped path that starts at Inspiration Point in Tilden Park at the top of Wildcat Canyon Road above Berkeley/Orinda. The cracks are scattered throughout the length of path. Some cracks are 7 feet long and 2 inches wide. It would be easy to get your wheel stuck in one if you weren't paying attention. In the short term, patching the cracks would help, but eventually a complete repaving might be in order. Original post above entered 11/11/07 Photos added 2/27/08


MTC Regional Pedestrian & Bicycle Training Workshop

[G2:952 size=50 class=left]Encourage your local transportation planners and engineers to register now! Three earlier workshops received tremendous acclaim, but many cities and agencies were absent. [G2:965 size=50 class=left]The interactive workshop, conducted by Fehr & Peers and Eisen | Letunic, is aimed at providing the latest bicycle & pedestrian design tools to practicing transportation and urban planning & design professionals.

Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP)

WHERE: 520 El Cerrito Plaza (above Trader Joe’s)

I. Call to order

II. Staff Report: Patricia Jones
a. CESP Open House
b. CESP accomplishments in 2007 (as relate to CESP goals)

III. Albany: Guest: Don Neuwirth, Consultant for Albany’s waterfront planning process
a. Waterfront planning process
b. Golden Gate Fields: (Robert Cheasty)

IV. EBRPD Update: Larry Tong, Ellen Barth
a. EBRPD receives $1.5 million from the Coastal Conservancy to restore 35
acres of the Berkeley Meadow, Phase III of this project and $700,000 for Brickyard Design.


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