Very sharp turn with steep dropoff penalty if misjudged

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Iron Horse Trail intersection with De Anza Trail


Near the northern terminus of Iron Horse Trail there is an intersection leading to DeAnza trail. This intersection is at the foot of a trail bridge. Traveling northbound and attempting a right turn, the angle of intersection requires a sharp turn of approximately 140 degrees. Due to the bridge construction, the cyclist cannot improve the turning line. There is structure right up to the point of intersection, and if the rider attempts to approach wide left before turning right, they risk accidents with other riders approaching from behind. There is also a post in the middle of the bridge entrance to complicate matters. If the rider mis-judges and can't make a sufficiently sharp turn and goes wide, they are rewarded with a sharp dropoff off of the path of between 18 and 24 inches into a narrow ditch with a chain link fence on the other side.


Carquinez Benicia Grand Scenic Cycle Loop

Carquinez Benicia Grand Scenic Cycle Loop

The August 2009 opening of a new bike path has opened an excellent bridge-to-bridge recreational loop ride over the Benicia–Martinez and Carquinez Bridges. The basic route is 25 miles, accessible by public transit, quite scenic, and consisting almost entirely of pleasant to ride roads. The route has restrooms and water, and at least three good cities to purchase lunch in.

Tracks to Trails

BART sponsors "Tracks to Trails" on Iron Horse Trail July 11
Join BART and the East Bay Regional Park District for "Tracks to Trails" along the Iron Horse Trail on Saturday, July 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Participants can "walk, run, roll or ride" in the event, which aims to showcase how "Tracks connect to Trails."

West Oakland Green Scene

Eco-focused festival at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.

Stop by and say hi at Walk Oakland Bike Oakland's table.

Get all the details and directions at ebparks.org

Iron Horse Trail between Pleasanton and Dublin

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bike ways (paths, lanes, routes) not clearly marked


When traveling between Pleasanton and Dublin (both directions) on the Iron Horse Trail, there's little or no signage to guide you through the BART station. From Pleasanton, going west on Owens, there's a sign directing you to turn in to the driveway next to Oracle. Once you do that, you're on your own until you cross under the freeway and eventually notice the trailhead beyond the Dublin bus bays. Southbound, there's a similar problem once you leave the trail near the Dublin bus bays. There's no obvious path through the BART station, just a sidewalk (with a "walk bikes" sign) and a roadway. I'm not sure if this is EBRPD, BART, or Dublin/Pleasanton jurisdiction.


Deadline to Register for Trails Challenge 2009

Today is the deadline to sign up for the East Bay Regional Parks Trail Challenge. Get a free T-shirt and pin (while supplies last).

Deadline for Comments to MTC Bicycle Plan

What is your vision of bicycling in the Bay Area?

Input from the public is welcome through the end of January for the draft version of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Regional Bicycle Plan. The final plan is expected to be adopted along with MTC's Regional Transportation Plan — Transportation 2035 — in March of 2009.

For more info contact:
Sean Co

2006 Specialized Hardrock Pro


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It is a 2006 Specialized Hardrock Pro Bike. It is the black/gray colored bicycle. Had a small pouch under the seat for storing stuff from Livermore cyclery. Had a water bottle holder, a holder for a small air pump and it had a spedometer on the handle bars. It was very dusty as it had just been ridden up the Plesanton ridge.
First 2 characters of serial number:


Ashley Jones 925-451-5429



Redwood Park trail closure discriminates against bicyclists

East Ridge ClosureAn East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) “hazard reduction project” to remove ageing trees will close the East Ridge Trail from July through perhaps September. You can review the notice at EBRPD Closure Hot Link. You can also view a map of the Redwood Bike Route.

Measure AA Community Meeting - Dublin

City Hall, Regional Meeting Room
100 Civic Plaza

The East Bay Regional Park District invites you to attend a public meeting to discuss the proposed 2008 Regional Park Bond Extension.


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