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Hey Peddlers,

Saturday January 26th 2PM to Midnight
Rythmix Cultural Works
2513 Blanding Ave.
Alameda, CA

Waterfront Action

Waterfront Action Meeting at the Port of Oakland
530 Water Street
7th Floor Conference Room


Waterfront Action - Alameda Landing Discussion

The December Waterfront Action Meeting, will include a discussion of the Alameda Landing project by key staff from the developer. EBBC and BikeAlameda are focused on establishing an Estuary Crossing. The project site is located on the estuary just across from Jack London Square:

Wednesday, December 5 - 8AM Meeting
Meeting at the Port of Oakland's Exhibit Room
530 Water Street

Alameda Landing: Reuse of the Navy FISC Site

South side of Ralph M. Appezzato Memorial Parkway between Alameda Point and College of Alameda

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hazardous drainage grate


The storm drain grates are installed with the grates facing IN the direction of traffic. A cyclist could easily jam their wheel into the grate and get seriously hurt, especially at night when it is dark. Fog and rain conditions in winter are a major concern. There is no bike line here.


MTC Regional Pedestrian & Bicycle Training Workshop

[G2:952 size=50 class=left]Encourage your local transportation planners and engineers to register now! Three earlier workshops received tremendous acclaim, but many cities and agencies were absent. [G2:965 size=50 class=left]The interactive workshop, conducted by Fehr & Peers and Eisen | Letunic, is aimed at providing the latest bicycle & pedestrian design tools to practicing transportation and urban planning & design professionals.

Alameda, Ca - Tinker Ave at Main Street

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debris in shoulder


Turning from Southbound Main to Eastbound Tinker or vice versa. There is a fence with an opening for bikes to go through. The sidewalk and roadway around this opening has shards of broken glass all over it. There is no way to go around the glass because it is spread all over near the opening in the fence. I have gotten 2 flat tires due to the glass here. I ride this route regularly.


Alameda, Ca - On Mariner Square Loop starting at Tinker Ave and going towards the estuary (towards Oakland)

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hazardous drainage grate


Multiple drainage grates with grating parallel to direction of travel. Spacing of grating large enough for a bike tire to fall into.


Alameda Point Bay Trail Groundbreaking

Groundbreaking ceremony will mark the beginning of Bay Trail construction from the Encinal boat landing to the USS Hornet Museum. Doug Siden, East Bay Regional Park District board member, and Alameda Mayor Beverly Johnson will cut through a section of chain-link fence that blocks access to the trail site and the bay.

At Encinal boat ramp and fishing pier at end of Hancock St off of Central Ave.

SF Chronicle article here

High Speed Rail Hearing -- Oakland

Oakland City Hall, City Council Chambers, 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza

The California High Speed Rail Authority and Federal Rail Administration invite you to attend the public hearings that have been scheduled to receive comments from the public and public agencies on the draft program EIR/EIS and the HST alternatives it discusses. Each hearing is scheduled from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., with public testimony beginning at 4:15 p.m.

Further info: click here.


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