Iron Horse Trail bridge over Treat going up next three weekends

The Iron Horse Trail bridge over Treat Blvd is going up during the next three weekends (June 4/5, 11/12, 18/19). Treat, and likely the Iron Horse Trail/Jones Street, will be closed from 9:00 PM until 10:00 AM, so if you ride through this area on Saturday or Sunday morning you may not be able to get through. If the intersection is closed to bicycles (they have a huge crane to lift the bridge sections into place), you can take Iron Horse Trail south to the Canal Trail, then Cherry Lane back to Treat (although I don't think that many people ride bikes along Treat anyway).

No safe place for bikes, westbound I-680 underpass at Concord Ave.

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insufficient shoulder width


Concord Ave.
Pleasant Hill


The eastbound passage under I-680 at Concord Ave. has a protected pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, albeit too narrow for two people to pass each other. The westbound passage, on the other hand, requires bikes to merge with traffic, much of which is entering the onramp to I-680N. I marked the underpass itself as this is the point of greatest danger, but most of Concord Ave. between I-680 and CA-242 is fairly unfriendly to bikes.


Concord, intersection of (DeAnza?) trail and Solano Way

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There is a trail segment running eastbound from the Iron Horse trail shortly before its terminus at Marsh Road. This segment crosses Solano Way about 100 yards south of Marsh Road. At the intersection of the trail and Solano Way, there is a traffic signal which can be activated by the cyclist. Unfortunately, the design of this signal is more dangerous than having no signal at all! The signal is directly overhead, and cannot be seen from the cyclist's position on the trail, and there are no other indicators, such as a pedestrian signal, etc. Therefore, the cyclist has no way to know if the signal is activated or not. It is dangerous to assume such based on a car stopping, because I have frequently had cars stop here even when I do not activate the signal. Motorists sometimes top just because they see someone "preparing" to use the crosswalk. A cyclist in such a case might proceed upon the assumption that the car is stopped due to automatic activation of the signal, only to be struck by a car travelling in the opposite direction, who does not see a stop. The design of this signal is very dangerous because it does not convey information to the cyclist, and could easily lead to the cyclist being misinformed. Stopping and waiting for a break in traffic is a far safer option for the cyclist at this point. This signal should either be removed, or re-designed so that additional signals are present to give information to the trail users. No one would ever think to design a signal at a road intersection so that it was only visible to one of the two streets!


Concord Farmer's Market

WHEN: Thursday May 7, 4-8pm
WHERE: Todos Santos Park, Willow Pass & Grant Street

While the band is playing, come learn about your local bicycle scene while you shop for fresh, locally grown, organic produce.
It doesn't get any better (or greener) than this. Come on down and do some shopping. Stop by our table, and let's talk some advocacy.

Concord Naval Weapons Station - Final Public Meeting

WHERE: Baldwin Park Concord Senior Center at 2727 Parkside Circle.

The Concord Council will hear from the public about all aspects of the two alternatives before them for the final time. Thanks to those who attended the Nov. 17 and Dec. 1 meetings - the Community Coalition for a Sustainable Concord packed the room at both meetings!

This is the final City Council meeting to consider which alternative will be chosen and your last chance to have your voice be heard by the decision makers.

Concord Base Reuse Plan Workshop

"Building Consensus"

WHERE: Concord Senior Center, 2727 Parkside Circle

Register for the workshop

Plan to attend last 2008 Reuse Plan workshop

Two modified approaches for planning the reuse of the 5,028-acre Concord Naval Weapons Station have emerged with input from the 19-member Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and from the public at a number of workshops over the last two years.

Walnut Creek City Council scuttles plan for Shortcut Path to Pleasant Hill BART

Shortcut Path Map
August, 2010 Update:
Despite our efforts the City of Walnut Creek declined to accept the pathway into their maintained system. At the end of the day we identified the maintenance funding source (not WC), agreed to cover all the capital costs and they still would not go for it. They cited additional security costs.

Marin Bobcat Trail


900 block of San Miguel Rd in Concord Ca


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Marty Smith @ 925-687-7885


Concord Naval Weapons Station, Community Advisory Committee

WHERE: Concord Senior Center at 2727 Parkside Circle

Help shape one of the largest proposed developments in the Bay Area. EBBC'c campaign position follows:


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