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AC Transit Fare Increase - Public Hearing

AC Transit is considering raising fares to address a $42 million shortfall. Meeting rescheduled from February.

- Increasing the adult fare from $1.75 to $2
- Increasing the adult 31-Day pass from $70 to $80
- Increasing the fare for youths, seniors and the disabled by 15 cents to $1

Transportation 2035 Plan Public Hearing

Joseph P. Bort MetroCenter
Lawrence D. Dahms Auditorium
101 Eighth Street @ Oak St.

Lake Merritt BART station
AC Transit Lines: 11, 59, 62, and 88

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) will be holding an open forum for public input on the Draft Transportation 2035 Plan, a regional blueprint for funding projects and combating climate change.

Invitation for Bus Shelter Art

Invitation for Bus Shelter Art

Calling all Emeryville artists! There's an open call for 2-D art to be placed in the city's bus shelters. Pieces will be rotated every few months.

Prospective applicants have to live, work or study in Emeryville, and be over eighteen.

For info contact:
Lisa Sullivan
Public Art Coordinator
City of Emeryville
1333 Park Avenue
Emeryville, CA 94608-3517
(510) 596-4393

In-depth precinct analysis of anti-BRT measure KK results

In-depth precinct analysis of anti-BRT measure KK results

Opponents of the AC Transit BRT project placed Measure KK on the Berkeley November 2008 ballot. The BRT project would restripe Telegraph Avenue with bike- and bus-lanes. Clearly intended to hinder transit (and bike) improvements, Measure KK would have circumvented City Council by requiring voter approval for any reduction in automobile capacity.

TransForm Mailing Party **Volunteers Needed**

TransForm (formerly TALC, the Transportation and Land Use Coalition)
405 14th Street, Suite 605
Oakland, CA 94612

Can you give just an hour or two of your time to TransForm this week? Join other friendly volunteers in helping with the critical behind-the-scenes work that keeps TransForm going.

Come to the Oakland office (food and drinks provided) to stuff envelopes. Come for as long as you’re able, and feel free to bring friends!

Dangers of cell phones and doors

[G2:2074 size=195 class=center] Finalist for AC Transit webisode contest: "On Broadway"

ACTIA Transportation Forum and Open House

ACTIA Offices
1333 Broadway (at 14th St), Suite 300
Downtown Oakland

The Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority in conjunction with its Citizens Advisory Committee will be hosting the North County Transportation Forum on Oct 16. The forum will feature presentations on major transportation projects and programs that will be implemented within the next five years. The forum will include presentations on the following Alameda County transportation projects and programs:

Surf the Green Wave in Copenhagen

The Green Wave in Copenhagen from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.

The Green Wave in Copenhagen is in place with high levels of bicycle traffic. If you bicycle at 20 km/h, the traffic lights are timed so that bikes hit green all the way into the city center.

This video is taken along Nørrebrogade, a main arterial which (until a few weeks ago) was one of the main arterial roadways for automobiles, but now reserved for bike and bus through-traffic. While the East Bay bickers over exclusive bus lanes on Telegraph, Copenhagen is well on its way to reaching its goal of 50% bicycle mode share by 2015. Currently, they are at a whopping 36% – nearly even with automobile mode share.

Alameda/Oakland Estuary Crossing Study: Final Community Meeting THIS SATURDAY!


The Estuary Crossing Study is exploring new ways for bicyclists and pedestrians to travel between Alameda and Oakland—and we need your help!

Join us for our final public meeting to learn about the preferred alternatives, provide feedback, and discuss next steps:
Saturday, October 4th, 10am to 12pm
Pasta Pelican Restaurant
2455 Mariner Square Drive, Alameda
A light breakfast will be provided.

Can’t make it? You can also join us at our presentation in Oakland to hear more about the project!

Sharing The Road With Buses

Tag, your it!

Here's a video from one of the West Coast's bike meccas, Portland, on riding with buses and rail. Of course there is no light rail in the East Bay, but it still helps with railroad crossings.

Check out the bike boxes!

With AC Transit's BRT there would be no conflicts at bus stops. See previous post by Eric.


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