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Action Alert: Bicycle and pedestrian funding in danger!

Key Congressional leaders are attacking Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School, and Recreational trails and are taking steps to cut off dedicated federal funding for bicycling and walking. We need you to call Senator Barbara Boxer today to save this federal funding.

Action Alert: Call Barbara Boxer today to preserve federal funds for biking

Senator Barbara Boxer needs to hear from you right now. A big thanks to all of you who called or emailed the Senator last week to save critical federal funds for walking and biking. The good news is she and her office heard from many of you. The bad news is we still don’t have her commitment to support dedicated funding for biking and walking. The committee she leads in the US Senate, the Environment and Public Works Committee, is deciding what goes into the very important federal transportation bill today and tomorrow. She needs to know that we want her to fight for bicycling and walking programs like Transportation Enhancements (the federal funding program that helps pay for bicycling and walking programs and improvements throughout California), Safe Routes to School and the Recreational Trails program. If we don’t act now, bicycling and walking programs may be written out of our transportation system for the next six years.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood

The National Bike Summit lobby day on Capitol Hill, March 11, 2010, began with hundreds of advocates crowded into a large hall at the Rayburn House Office Building to hear inspired support from Representative Jim Oberstar (MN), the “father of Transportation Enhancements.”

SIGNED INTO LAW - SB 734 (Lowenthal) Bicycle Paths & Crosswalks

Bill Number and Name: SB 734: Omnibus Transportation Bill

Author: Senator Alan Lowenthal (Long Beach)

Web link to bill language.

Bicycle-Related State & Federal Legislation 2010

Complete bill text, history, and status, plus contact information for the State Senators and Assembly Members is available at www.leginfo.ca.gov. In writing to bill authors and your local representatives, please include your full name and address, and identify yourself as a member of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. More tips for effective letter writing are available from the League of Women Voters.

State Level

File attachment

PDF icon SB_1061_Introduction.pdf

Federal legislation could doom bike access on public transit

Federal legislation could doom bike access on public transit

When EBBC sought regulatory relief to allow 3 bikes per bike rack on buses, advocates had to travel no farther than Sacramento. But if the Obama Administrations gets its way, EBBC advocates will have to start traveling cross-country to deal with Washington, DC bureaucrats.

That is because Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood wants to implement Federal take-over of public transit safety regulations. Because the FRA has done such a marvelous job in regulating intercity rail, the Secretary wants to replicate that bureaucracy at the FTA – even to the point of Federal control over local bus operations.

SIGNED INTO LAW - AB 652 (Skinner) Bus rack capacity increase

Bill Number and Name: AB 652: Vehicle Length Limitation

Author: Assembly Member Nancy Skinner (Berkeley)

Web link to bill language.

Summary: AB 652 Vehicle Length Limitation amends existing law (Section 35400 of the Vehicle Code) to increase by 4 inches the distance a bike rack can be extended from the front of a bus. The increase in length will allow transit operators to install bike racks that can accommodate three bicycle at one time.

Background: You can send a support letter to Assembly member Skinner that is based on the <a href=”/files/blog_files/node_151_user_9_EBBC_AB652.pdf”
” target=”_blank”>EBBC letter of support. If you live outside of Assembly District 14, please encourage your legislator to support AB 652. Who’s my representative?

PDF icon EBBC_AB652.pdf60.61 KB

Bicycle-related State & Federal Legislation 2009-2010 Session

At the State level, bicyclists are indebted to the lobbying by the California Bicycle Coalition (CBC) and the California Association of Bicycling Organizations (CABO). EBBC is a member of both organizations. CBC is a membership-based organization that can use your direct support, while CABO is an "organization of organizations" that gets it's clout from groups like EBBC.


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