Volunteers 'n Veggies - EBBC Volunteer Night during Fruitvale Farmer's Market

Juan & Diego at the Market

Join us for a special edition of EBBC Volunteer Night. This month we’re moving Volunteer Night to Thursday - why? So we can enjoy the Fruitvale Village Farmer’s Market right outside our office! Our volunteer activities will include stuffing envelopes and writing renewal notes to EBBC members. We’ll be setting up tables on the patio outside our office, so there will be plenty of room for everyone to enjoy each other’s company, take in the Farmer’s Market, and munch on some tasty treats. Come on down!

Deadline for West of the Hills Map Suggestions

EBBC will be doing a minor revision of the West of the Hills Map before the next print run. This is your chance to make suggestions for this invaluable resource that's created "for bicyclists by bicyclists." Is there a bike friendly route missing in your neighborhood? Want to warn others of a dangerous intersection? Notice a mistake? Submit your suggestions and corrections to Derek Liecty, Map Distributor, at (510) 339-2345 by June 30.

Bike Racing Returns to Oakland - 5th Oakland Grand Prix of Cycling

Bike Race

Come out to watch approximately 350 cyclists from USA Cycling for these Multi-Lap (Criterium) Bicycle Races. Cheer on amateurs and professionals, including riders from across the country and some foreign amateurs as well. The Races will feature eight separate multi-lap events, ranging from (Senior 1/2/Pro-Am, 40 miles) down to 10 laps.

Stop by and say hi to the folks at the EBBC table while you’re enjoying the races!

How few miles do you think you can drive in one month?

How few miles do you think you can drive in one month?

Join the East Bay Bicycle Coalition in taking the Car-Free Challenge in June to find out! We are putting together a team of bicyclists who are setting and reaching personal low mileage driving goals for the month of June. Some folks are going entirely car-free (or have been for quite a while - Viva la Bicicleta!), others are just trying to drive a little less.

Together we will send a message to our leaders that we need better biking, walking, and transit options in order to make our communities better, safer places to live and fight climate change.

2006 Campaigns

West Span Bicycle/Pedestrian/Maintenance Path The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) has stepped up to take a lead role in advocating to “Bridge the Gap” between San Francisco and Yerba Buena Island.

2007 Campaigns (All 6 are victories)

Complete Streets Act of 2007 (Circulation and General Plan code revisions introduced as AB 1358). Our successful Routine Accommodation policy goes for Statewide consideration. See: rideOn, March 2007.
SUCCESS AB 1358 signed by the Governor in 2008.

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) in Concord and West Alameda represent significant opportunities for planning future bicycle access, both internally and with adjacent communities and transit services.

2008 Campaigns

At the January 19, 2008 Annual Retreat EBBC members adopted a new campaign to advocate for a new BART Bicycle Access Plan. This makes sense given that Smart Growth and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) are garnering regional transportation planning attention.

2009 Campaigns

At the January 31, 2009 Annual Retreat EBBC members adopted two new campaigns for 2009.

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Wednesday Night: EBBC East of the Hills Meeting

Please join us in Walnut Creek at this special meeting for members living and riding east of the hills (of course, all members are welcome). You'll have the opportunity to...

EBBC General Meeting

The monthly EBBC General meeting returns to the Rockridge Library, 5366 College Avenue,* on Tuesday, June 16 (3rd Tues).

The meeting begins promptly at 7:30pm. The agenda will include the following discussions:

R = Report A = Action


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