March 2007

March 2007 issue of rideOn. Click attachment below to download pdf.


East Bay Bicycling Clubs & Organizations

East Bay bicycle clubs and organizations represent a big part of the Coalition. All are affiliated members of EBBC and support our efforts to improve bicycle transportation and recreation in the East Bay. Clubs offer recreational rides and events for their members, while advocacy organizations represent bicyclists' interests at a grassroots level. Please support your local club and advocates!

California Vehicle Code/Take the Lane!

"Every person riding a bicycle upon a highway has all the
rights and is subject to all the provisions applicable to the driver of a vehicle by this division." Read the CA Vehicle Code.

Quick release

EBBC organization material

Routine Accommodation

EBBC's Model Charter for Bicycle Advisory Committees (Word .doc)

MTC Resolution 875, (.pdf format, 169k, 19 pages), legislation enabling the formation of Bicycle Advisory Committees (BACs)

Donating bicycles

Tinker's Workshop at the Berkeley Center for Appropriate Transportation (BCAT), 1336 Channing, 510-644-2577. Dave Campbell, Chair of BFBC, can be found at the BCAT on most days (cell: 510-701-5971).

Bicycle Education

Cycles of Change, East Bay youth bicycle education

Bay Area Bicycle Classes

Bicycle Advocacy Organizations

Bay Area

Bicycle Friendly Berkeley Coalition, dedicated to improving bicycling in Berkeley, California and EBBC’s sister organization

Walk Oakland ~ Bike Oakland, Improving neighborhood livability, vitality and sustainability by making Oakland a better place to walk and bike

Bay Area Bicycle Coalition

2008 Campaigns

At the January 19, 2008 Annual Retreat EBBC members adopted a new campaign to advocate for a new BART Bicycle Access Plan. This makes sense given that Smart Growth and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) are garnering regional transportation planning attention.


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