Comments on Draft Bay Area to Central Valley HST EIR/EIS (Updated)

The Word doc attachment contains updated comments on for the Bay Area to Central Valley High-Speed Train Program EIR/EIS. I have incorporated most of Robert's suggested edits. There is also an additional paragraph regarding Sacramento service. I also attempted to clarify the issues of headways and transfers. The due date for coments is Sept 28.

EBBC Webserver Training Session

The EBBC has implemented a new "Content Management System" on the webserver. This allows for upload of multimedia content, such as image galleries, video, and pdf files. There is also an online Events calendar, blogging, and other capabilities for collaboration.

This training session will show you how to take advantage of these new capabilities. It is open to all EBBC members, and no prior experience with web programming is required. However, you will need to bring a laptop computer in order to fully participate.

EBBC Fights to Protect Bicycle Tours from Oppressive New Bicycle Ordinance

EBBC Letter to Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern, sent Aug. 29, 2007:


August 29, 2007

Gregory J. Ahern, Sheriff
Alameda County Sheriff’s Office
Lakeside Plaza
1401 Lakeside Drive, 12th Floor
Oakland CA 94612-4305

Re: Adoption of Bicycle Ordinance

Dear Sheriff Ahern:

EBBC General Membership Meeting

EBBC’s next General Membership Meeting begins at 7:30pm Tuesday, August 21 at Oakland’s Rockridge Branch Library, 5366 College Ave at Manila. On the agenda will be reports on legislative bills we support--including our corner piece, AB 1358, the Complete Streets Act--Concord and Alameda base reuse plan updates, stolen bike prevention and recovery, BART car retrofit and access, and plans for upcoming Valet Bike Parking events (Oakland Art & Soul, Solano Ave Stroll, Out & About Rockridge). Bicycles are welcome inside.

May 2007

Click below to download May 2007 issue of rideOn.

Introducing the new ebbc.org

Introducing the New www.ebbc.org

Do you have digital photos of a really great bike ride you'd like to share? Or perhaps you are involved in your local BPAC and need to announce upcoming events and meetings ?

Previously, it was difficult sharing this type of information. The ebbc-talk listserv does not allow multimedia attachments (to protect against virus infection). And submitting material for publication in the newsletter and website involved an often complicated process of sending material to the EBBC website administrator, and to the rideOn editor.

April 2007

rideOn April 2007

May 2007 - raw docs

May 2007 newsletter materials

Level Platform Boarding

EBBC Adopts Uniform Level-Platform Boarding Policy

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