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Oakland Bikeways Campaign Rolls Tonight

January 30, 2013 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Help Design the Best Ever Bike Lanes on Telegraph, 14th St, & Park Blvd. Kick Off Campaign Workshop Wednesday Jan 30 Your volunteer help is needed with three important outreach campaigns to get bike lanes built on major corridors in Oakland in 2013. Oakland has become one of the most popular cities in America for bicycling and the City needs to keep up with this exploding demand for safer bikeways. You and your friends should not have to fight traffic every time you want to bike for your everyday trips. On 3 key bike routes, Oakland is considering removing travel lanes to make room for new bike lanes. We want to make sure they design the type of comfortable, attractive bikeway you deserve. The streets are:

drawing by Bruno Lopez

Bike lanes on these three streets will link the neighborhoods of North Oakland, West Oakland and Central Oakland to Downtown and encourage many more people to trying bicycling. We expect opposition to the removal of travel lanes on these streets and that is why your help is critical. Members like you help us build the necessary support to convince City Council to move forward and make it safe for you to ride into and out of Downtown.

Oakland Readies Support for 2013 Bikeways

November 27, 2012 - 9:00am to 11:00am

Oakland is readying an ambitious bikeways plan for 2013 and needs your support. There are 6 key bikeways that Oakland is studying the feasibility of removing a travel lane and/or parking to make room for a safe bike space. The streets are:

1) Telegraph Ave

2) Park Blvd below 580

3) 14th Street Downtown

4) MacArthur Blvd from Telegraph to Market

5) Foothill from 14th to 23rd St

6) E.12th St from 40th to 44th St.

Please attend either the Oakland Public Works Committee Mtg on Nov 27 or City Council Mtg on Dec 4 to show your support for completing Oakland’s bikeway network! The City is also working with your Bicycle Coalition, and Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, to launch in 2013 a “Go Gold” Campaign to achieve greater recognition as a gold-certified bicycle-friendly community from the League of American Bicyclists. There will be much work to do in the next two years, including striping many safe and inviting bikeways, to achieve such a lofty status. If successful, Oakland will join cities such as San Francisco, and 15 other cities around the country, as communities leading the movement to make bicycling mainstream in our urban environments. Find out how you can help by contacting Dave Campbell, EBBC’s Program Director.

Making way for bikes on Broadway and E.12th St


Two great new bikeways are in the works for Oakland but we need you to contact the City in support to make them happen. Help us stripe more bike lanes in Oakland.

Go to our Action Pages above and send a quick email, download the City’s flyer and get a local resident/business to sign in support.
The City is accelerating these two projects by one year, which is terrific news and with your help we can ensure the public supports these two bikeway projects and helps us keep the pressure on the City to complete them as soon as possible.

The Broadway bikeway project closes a key gap between Rockridge and the Uptown. Bike lanes exist south of 38th Street and the City currently is finishing the bike lanes on Webster and Franklin Streets downtown. The E. 12th St bikeway project extends the recently installed bikeway on E 12th St, Fruitvale Ave to 40th Ave and complete an important 1.4-mile section of the City’s bikeway network. E. 12th Street Bikeway Project Map


Bike lanes coming to E 12th St from 14th Ave to Fruitvale

Bike lanes coming to E 12th St from 14th Ave to Fruitvale

The City of Oakland is preparing to repave and stripe bike lanes on E. 12th St, from 14th Ave to Fruitvale Ave, and your support is needed to make this happen. We need you to contact the City and tell them they have your support for this important bikeway project. The project will extend the recently installed bikeway on E 12th St at the transit village and complete almost 2 miles of an important section of the City’s bikeway network.

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