Specialized Dolce


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51" white and blue Specialized Dolce road bike. Front of frame is white and back is blue. Mostly aluminum body, but carbon forks that are blue at the tips. Some floral patterns at white/blue borders. Some parts are rusted. Tiagra derailleur and Sora shifters. Two ways to brake (drop bar and handle bar). Has mounts for front and back lights, as well as a Cateye bike computer. Cateye speed and cadence sensors were attached on the rear of the bike (though these probably were removed). Pedals are silver and somewhat beaten up (these don't match the pedals in the picture since I got rid of the cages). Also has front and rear reflectors. There is a dead small spider stuck in the left shifter. I don't know the serial number unfortunately. Bike was stolen outside Laughing Lotus Yoga Center at 3172 16th St. San Francisco 94103 between 1-5 pm on Feb 1, 2015. Ulock and cable were both cut and left on the ground.

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3271 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 (right outside Laughing Lotus Yoga)