Richmond Slowly Ramping Up Bike Efforts

We are partnering with Rich City Rides to get Richmond into bicycling with more bike rides, fun bike events, bicycle safety classes, and campaigns for new bike lanes and many more bike parking racks.

Cutting Blvd:

Bike lanes are coming to Cutting Blvd, but only because so many bicyclists demanded these new lanes when word came out in January that Cutting Blvd was getting repaved without any bike lanes. The Richmond Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee saw plans for the new bike lanes at a special meeting in May. The new bike lanes will extend from 37th St to the I-80 freeway, and will provide a much better bike route to JFK High School. However, there are gaps in this bike lane design for Cutting Blvd. So we’ll need your continued support to improve the bike lanes on Cutting Blvd.

Richmond should not stop there. Bike lanes are needed on San Pablo Ave., MacDonald Ave., 23rd St., Rumrill Blvd., Marina Way, and Harbour Way.

Barrett Ave:

We are also working to improve the bike lane designs for Barrett Avenue, and make sure the bike lanes are continuous the entire length of the street.

3rd Friday Rides:

Rich City Rides leads all ages, family friendly rides starting at 6:00pm at the Richmond BART Station for a ride around the streets of Richmond, 3rd Friday of every month.

2nd Saturday Bike Fixins on the Greenway:

Rich CIty Rides presents our 9th Bike Fixin’s on the Greenway! We’ve been bringing bike love to the community since October of 2012 and this month we’re doing it again. Bring your bike, your friends and yourself to the 2nd Saturday Bike Fixin’s on the Greenway. Meet at 6th Street and The Richmond Greenway (between Ohio Ave and Chanslor Ave) near Lincoln Elementary School. Bring your bike in for a FREE safety check with minor repair while enjoying the Greenway Festivities.

While we have the support of Mayor Gayle Mclaughlin and councilmembers Jovanka Beckles and Tom Butt, there are two council members who have been adamant in their opposition to increased bike paths - Nat Bates and Corky Boozé. They don’t realize that the most cost effective way to improve Richmond’s streets with limited funds is to stripe bike lanes when streets are repaved. Increased bicycling also reduces wear and tear on streets. Help us push for continued improvement to create a more bikeable community. Call or email councilmembers Nat Bates at 510-620-6743 and Corky Booze 510-620-6593 and request more bike lanes be included in the repaving plans for the City of Richmond. Let them know that you want to live in a City where people bike. Richmond’s Bicycle Master Plan