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On Transit: Free Resources, Not Policing

Author: Bike East Bay

Date: June 2, 2020

Members and advocates have been making their voice heard to protect, sustainably fund, and prioritize transit since the start of shelter in place. This week, with demonstrations, curfews, and talks to adjust service, more action is needed.

Essential workers as well as demonstrators needing to comply with curfews rely on safe, accessible public transit. On board, free masks and hand sanitizer are needed. BART last week launched a 15 part plan to improve service, with several good parts, but an initial call for more police enforcement. Facing pressure, BART has since backed off, but they need to be reminded that there should be no police enforcement of COVID-19 safety measures, only positive recommendations by ambassadors and station agents ready to give away free masks. AC Transit needs to do the same. 

For BART, contact General Manager Bob Powers at [email protected]
For AC Transit, contact General Manager Michael Hursh at [email protected] 


  1. Keep transit running during protests
  2. Free masks for riders, more hand sanitizer
  3. No police enforcement of COVID-19 safety measures
  4. Hazard pay for all frontline workers

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