Christie Ave Two-Way Cycle Track is Most Popular in Alameda County Vote

What if decision makers listened to you before deciding what bike projects to fund?

Over the next four years, over $100 million will be programmed for new transportation projects in the East Bay, and all of these projects are required to accommodate bicyclists. This requirement is only a ‘policy’ however and won’t translate into new bikeways unless you help us make it a reality where you ride.

Take a look at this map showing the transportation projects currently applying for funding in Alameda County*, and click on a project in your city. You’ll find out a bit about the project, where it is located, what type of bike improvements are included, if any at all, and for most of the projects who to contact to thank them for making bike improvements part of the project, or who to call to insist that they make your bike commute safer as part of these projects. Your calls to city staff asking for a bike lane can make a big difference, and your vote here will be shared with the Alameda County Transportation Commission. Below the map is a listing of each project, with similar details about project description and location.

 What are your top 5 projects? Cast your vote here!

And you can vote for your top 5 bike/ped projects in Contra Costa County right here

Here’s the Project List:

Here is a link to the Alameda CTC agenda packet for the Bike/Ped Subcommittee Mtg of April 11 will full project details.


File attachment: Image icon Locations of Projects for Alameda County Grant Applications Image icon bufferedbikelane.jpg