Tell the Story of Your Bikeway

We are busy planning for a major Fall campaign to gain voter approval for the reauthorization of the Alameda County Transportation Sales Tax and the billion dollars it includes for new bike/ped projects. What better way to do this than to learn more about those who are enjoying bike projects already funded by this transportation sales tax–you!

If you regularly ride on one of the bikeways listed below, tell us your story. What do you like about the project? How often do you use it? Where are you riding from and to when you use the bikeway? Are you making commute trips? recreation trips? errands? shopping? Let us know.

Please send your story to,and thank you very much for helping us tell the voters why bike funding is important.

We plan to use your responses in our campaign materials and if we like your story enough, we would love to come take your photo out on the bikeway. Here is the list of projects that have been completed to date in Alameda County thanks to our transportation sales tax.

Here is a list of ten projects funded by our Sales Tax Measure:

  • AC Transit–Bike Racks for New Buses
    Bike racks on AC Transit buses allow commuters to extend the distance they can travel on either side of their bus trip. Every AC Transit bus has a bike rack, either on the front of the bus or in the compartment below, and was one of the first transit agencies in the Bay Area to fully equip all of their buses with racks. These racks make commuting by bus a more flexible and feasible option. If you regularly use AC Transit and a front-mounted bike rack, tell your story!
  • Berkeley–Aquatic Park Connection Streetscape Improvement Project
    Berkeley has worked towards connecting the commercial, retail and recreational areas in West Berkeley by constructing streetscape improvements along five blocks in West Berkeley. The sales tax funding was used towards installing wayfinding signs and maps to help pedestrians and bicyclists navigate between the Fourth Street shopping district, AMTRAK, Aquatic Park, and the new Bicycle/Pedestrian bridge over Interstate 80. Eight electronic bicycle lockers were also added to improve bicycle parking security at the Berkeley AMTRAK station. These signs, sidewalk upgrades, and lockers will encourage AMTRAK usage as bike accessibility is improved. If you regularly commute over the I-80 Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge in Berkeley, tell your story!
  • Albany–Buchanan Bicycle/Pedestrian Path
    Buchanan Street connects Marin Avenue to the Bay Trail by crossing two freeways. Sales tax monies were used to complete the undercrossing pathway from the east side of 580 to the Bay Trail side, avoiding the need to cross an at-grade and dangerous freeway on-ramp. If you regularly commute to/from the Bay Trail via the undercrossing of 580, tell your story!
  • Berkeley–Ashby BART Station/Ed Roberts Campus Pedestrian and Bicycle Access and Safety Project
    Improvements to the Ashby BART station include a center for people with disabilities that will include a variety of organizations under one roof. The sales tax funds the high-visibility crosswalk improvement, a new staircase with bike channels from Adeline street up to the BART concourse level, bicycle and pedestrian way-finding signage and lighting, a retrofit/upgrade of 24 existing bicycle lockers to electronic lockers and an addition of six new electronic lockers, and elevators providing vertical access from the Ashby BART Station concourse level. If you regularly commute to the Ed Roberts Campus, tell your story!
  • San Leandro–Bay Trail Slough Bridge
    The completion of the San Leandro Slough Bridge closed a gap in the Bay Trail. This approximately 300 foot bridge and a short new trail on the north end of the bridge now connect the existing trails on either side, that continue the Bay Trail’s span as a safe and direct link from San Leandro to Oakland. The brige crosses the San Leandro Slough between the Port of Oakland/Oakland Airport and the Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline in the City of San Leandro. 112 miles of Bay Trail have been constructed in Alameda County, with the hope that it will one day link into a complete trail ringing the San Francisco Bay in its entirety. If you regularly commute along the Bay Trail and use the San Leandro Slough Bridge, tell your story!
  • Oakland–Lakeshore/Lake Park Avenue Complete Streets Project
    The Lakeshore and Lake Park Avenue Complete Streets project improves the walking and bicycling environment in this highly trafficked commercial area. The project introduces the “complete street” approach to the intersections of Lakeshore and Lake Park. The enhancements include a new pedestrian and transit plaza, the realignment of a crosswalk and a pedestrian island, a new bulb-out, an ADA-compliant signal upgrade and lane alignment, the installation of a more conveniently located AC Transit bus stop, and the installation of a Class III Bicycle Route. If you regularly ride through the Lakeshore District, tell your story!
  • Pleasanton–Iron Horse Trail segment from Santa Rita to Stanley Blvd
    One of the first projects funded by the transportation sales tax, this multiuse pathway extends from Santa Rita Road at Stoneridge Rd southeast to Stanley Blvd where it connects with the pathway under reconstruction along Stanley Blvd. If you regularly ride to/from Dublin/Pleasanton BART via the Iron Horse Trail in Pleasanton, tell your story!
  • Union City–11th Street Enhancement Project
    This is a new street that extends from Decoto Rd into the transit-oriented development on the north side of Union City BART Station. It includes bike lanes and many pedestrian amenities. Union City is working to secure a grant to fund a pedestrian tunnel under the railroad tracks to connect the housing development to the BART station. If you regularly use the 11th Street Bikeway, tell your story!
  • BART Station Electronic Bicycle Lockers
    BART has installed hundreds of electronic lockers throughout its system, the lockers that you use with a Bikelink Card. And they are installing hundreds more. If you regularly use a BART elocker, tell your story!
  • Oakland–40th Street Bike Lanes at MacArthur BART
    In 2009, Oakland striped a bike lane on 40th Street, between the MacArthur BART Station entrance and Telegraph Ave. They narrowed the median to make room for the bike lanes. The bike lanes were completed right before Bike to Work Day that year. If you regularly use the 40th Street Bike Lane, tell your story!