Hayward Mission Blvd poor pavement quality

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Created:Michael Graff at May 11, 2012 - 11:14am
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This is the project that's rebuilding Mission Blvd (CA 238) through Hayward, funded by Alameda County sales taxes: http://www.actia2022.com/files/managed/Document/1857/MB238_Rte238_MissionFoothillJackson_Corridor_Improvement_SG_110120.pdf For bike-to-work-day, I rode home south along Mission Blvd from Foothill to Decoto. Most of Mission Blvd through Hayward now has decent shoulders, only rarely usurped for parking, so there was mostly no need to control the #2 lane on my bike. But the pavement quality in Hayward is horrible. The median with the trees is starting to look nice, though. I was just surprised that the asphalt is in such poor shape, considering how much paving has been going on through Hayward with this project. Starting around Union City, there's a wonderfully smooth, quiet, fresh paving job. I sure hope Hayward gets the same pavement quality soon. Maybe in time for BTWD 2013?


Mission Blvd