Pavement cracks in roadway on Oakland Ave (Piedmont) make it hazardous when cycling uphlll, especially with traffic.

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Created:mxs4ever at October 20, 2011 - 10:31am
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description - link to google maps showing picture of hazard described below. Oakland Ave heading East up into Piedmont is a series of concrete squares - the seams between the squares create a rut in the roadway (pavement cracks). Especially hazardous towards bottom of hill as you ride upwards since you are stuck between parked cars and traffic to the left and the rut is right in your path. If you ride to the left of it, you are forced to ride in traffic and cars are heading up quickly up Oakland Ave as you slowly climb up the hill. A little tricky. Would be nice if road was paved so there wasn't the groove in the road. hazard is both eastbound and west bound but traveling westbound, you can ride more in the roadway with traffic since you are traveling at a speed similar to vehicles. Eastbound, you are moving much more slowly than vehicle traffic, therefore, you need to ride closer to the right side of raodway.


1100 Oakland Ave
94611 Piedmont