Action Alert: Call Barbara Boxer today to preserve federal funds for biking

Senator Barbara Boxer needs to hear from you right now. A big thanks to all of you who called or emailed the Senator last week to save critical federal funds for walking and biking. The good news is she and her office heard from many of you. The bad news is we still don’t have her commitment to support dedicated funding for biking and walking. The committee she leads in the US Senate, the Environment and Public Works Committee, is deciding what goes into the very important federal transportation bill today and tomorrow. She needs to know that we want her to fight for bicycling and walking programs like Transportation Enhancements (the federal funding program that helps pay for bicycling and walking programs and improvements throughout California), Safe Routes to School and the Recreational Trails program. If we don’t act now, bicycling and walking programs may be written out of our transportation system for the next six years.

At this very moment, Senator Boxer is negotiating with other senators who don’t think bicycling and walking are an important part of the transportation bill. She needs to know that we have her back on this issue and she shouldn’t give up on these crucial programs. Call or email Senator Boxer right now and tell her:

I am one of your constituents and I think bicycling and walking need to be a part of the transportation bill. Please ensure that Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School and the Recreational Trails program continue with strong and dedicated funding as they are today.

Calls to DC are best. Her Washington, DC office number: (202) 224-3553. If it’s busy and you’re short for time, here is her LA office number: (213) 894-5000. You can also email the senator at this link: Your call today will ensure that our bicycling and walking programs have the funding they need to make the East Bay a great place to bike and walk. Thank you for biking and for calling Barbara Boxer today on Bike to Work Day with this urgent message.