February 28

Berkeley Bicycle Subcommittee
February 28, 2011

In attendance: Eric McCaughrin, Eric Anderson, Robert Prinz, Julie Griswald, Dave Campbell, Smith Francis, Andrea

Announcements: Bike-Friendly Business Award nomination are opened thru March 24

Staff Updates:

Bike Station-complaints of cyclists on sidewalk in front of the Bike Station. Parking space removed for bike entrance to Bike Station. Discussion to be had in Summer ’11 about the subsidy for the Bike Station;

9th St Pathway-construction has begun and will be done by April 1, 2011. No landscaping in this phase, but a later phase. Striping and signage not altered. Connects to the Emeryville greenway at 67th;

9th & Ashby Signal Redesign; pathway redesign and crossing of phase one is being designed to 65%. Staff has met with Caltrans to discuss preliminary designs;
West Street Pathway: design firm qualifications are out and picking a consultant this week to do the design;

Discussion Items:

5-YR Repaving Plan-3 contracts in the works over the next 1-2 years. Current contract is Channing, California & 9th St. With changes to make them bike boulevards with shared blvd stencils, no center lines, reducing the center line at intersections at 50’. 2nd contract is Milvia St, from University Dwight, by end of 2011. We will remove substandard bike lanes between Channing & Dwight. Bike lanes north of there will be reconfigured better out of door zone (6.5-7.0’ width bike lanes). The idea of stanchions was discussed. All crosswalks will be high-visibility crosswalks. Motion passed to request the City to look at three things on Milvia, between University to Allston, no centerlines, right turn only at University, and low-cost stamped treatment. The 3rd contract Marin will be repaved, from Albany to the circle.

Bicycle Parking-intern is working on bike parking ordinance and design guidelines. It will include short-term and long-term parking guidelines, on-street parking will be in the guidelines.

Alameda County Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Update-general discussion of priority bikeways in north Alameda County. Map is inadequate and lacks pertinent information, namely bicycle data, O-D flow, crash data. There will be an upcoming meeting of BPAC’s in Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville.