Richmond Bike/Ped Advisory Committee

Monday, September 13, 2010 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

WHERE: Richmond City Hall, 2nd floor, Pt. Molate Room, 450 Civic Center, Richmond, Ca. 94804


  • Welcome & Introductions - 5 min.
  • Agenda review and adoption
  • Approval of minutes - 5 min.
  • Bicycle Plan / Ped Plan Updates 45 min.
  • Staff reports - 15 min.
  • Brief Updates / Information Items - 15 min.
  • Future Agenda Items / Activities - 5min.
  • Good of the Order - 5 min.

    To be placed on the agenda:

    We envision a Richmond where bicyclists and visitors throughout the state can take advantage of the nexus of BART and AMTRAK to access the shoreline and other spots and activities of interest. We also envision a Richmond where local schoolchildren and residents can safely shop and travel around the city by bicycle and foot, as well as commuting safely by bicycle.