Congestion Management Agency Block Grant (LSR, RBP, County TLC) Call for Projects: - Applications due 4/19/10

Monday, April 19, 2010 - 12:00pm

cma logoThe Alameda County Congestion Management Agency (ACCMA) is releasing a call for projects for the federal CMA Block Grant. The CMA Block Grant is composed of the following three funding sources and is being coordinated into a single call for projects:

  • Regional Bicycle Program (RBP)
  • Local Streets and Roads Shortfall (LSR)
  • County Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC).

Approximately $25.294 million will be available for programming between the three funding sources. The RBP and TLC funding is being distributed on a discretionary (competitive) basis, while the LSR distribution is based on a formula allocation.

The application materials for the CMA Block Grant, including the call for projects notice, application, guidance, and LSR distribution formula are available for download from the ACCMA’s website at: The guidance document has eligibility information for each fund source. Project applications (an electronic copy and four hard copies) are due to the ACCMA no later than 3:00 P.M., on Monday, April 19, 2010.

For more information, contact:

Jacki Taylor

Engineering Staff Assistant/Project Monitoring Liaison
Alameda County Congestion Management Agency
Phone: (510) 836-2560, Ext. 2320
Fax: (510) 836-2185

Regional Bicycle Program

General Program Information
The Regional Bikeway Network (RBN) was developed in 2001 to define bicycling corridors of
regional significance. The network includes high priority projects in county or local bicycle
plans that fulfilled the criteria to provide connectivity to transit as well as major activity centers.
Under the New Act STP/CMAQ Cycle 1 Program, approximately $3,683,000 has been made
available to Alameda County under the Block Grant Program to fund bicycle improvements.

Project Eligibility Criteria
Projects selected to be funded with Regional Bicycle Program funds must meet the following
eligibility criteria:

1. Projects eligible for funding must be included in the Regional Bikeway Network as
outlined in the Regional Bicycle Plan (2009 Update). Projects that are not included in the
Regional Bikeway Network may be considered on a case by case basis. Any such project
would be required to meet certain requirements and be reviewed/approved through an
additional regional process. Contact CMA staff to discuss.

2. Eligible projects are capital in nature, resulting in additional bicycle route mileage.

3. Note that Federal guidelines prohibit the use of CMAQ funds for projects purely intended
for safety, recreational bicycle trails, as well as for basic repair and rehabilitation of bicycle
or pedestrian facilities. In addition, projects funded with CMAQ may not limit public
access to the facility. The facility is to allow bicycle and pedestrian access 24 hours per day
7 days a week to maximize air quality improvements and the reduction of emissions.

4. As a general guideline, auxiliary elements (e.g. ADA access improvements, utility
trenching, drainage work, fire hydrants, landscaping, cosmetic resurfacing, surface
improvements, etc.) that are incidental to the overall project should not exceed 20% of the
total project cost. Signage designating a bicycle or pedestrian facility is not considered
auxiliary elements for this program. Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis.

Funding Availability
Block Grant RBP funds are available for FFYs 2010-11 and 2011-12.
• Total RBP available to program: approximately $3,683,000
• Minimum grant request: $500,000
• Maximum grant request: $2,000,000

Type of Funding: Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Funds (CMAQ) Funds
administered by Caltrans Local Assistance.

Required Local Match: 11.47% of total project cost. Reimbursement rate will be 88.53 cents for
every dollar invoiced.

County Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC)

Program Overview
The purpose of Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) Capital Program is to support
community-based transportation projects that bring new vibrancy to downtown areas,
commercial cores, neighborhoods, and transit corridors, enhancing their amenities and ambiance
and making them places where people want to live, work and visit. The TLC Program supports
the region’s FOCUS Program by investing in Priority Development Areas (PDAs), designated
areas in which there is local commitment to developing housing, along with amenities and
services, to meet the day-to-day needs of residents in a pedestrian-friendly environment served
by transit. For more information about PDAs, see .
A list of Alameda County’s PDAs is included as Table 2, at the end of this section.

TLC provides funding for projects that are developed through an inclusive community planning
effort, provide for a range of transportation choices, and support connectivity between
transportation investments and land uses. Under the New Act STP/CMAQ Cycle 1 Program,
approximately $5,724,000 has been made available to Alameda County under the Block Grant
Program to fund TLC improvements.

Eligible uses for TLC Funding:
-Transportation Infrastructure:
Station Improvements
• plazas
• station access
• pocket parks
Streetscape Improvements (associated with high density housing/mixed use and transit):
• bulb outs, sidewalk widening , cross walk enhancements, audible signal modification
• mid-block crossing and signal
• new striping for bicycle lanes and road diets
• pedestrian street lighting,
• medians, pedestrian refugees
• way finding signage, pedestrian scaled
• street furniture including bus shelters, tree grates, benches, bollards, magazine racks,
garbage and recycling bins
• permanent bicycle racks, signal modification for bicycle detection
• street trees, raised planters, planters
• costs associated with on- site storm water management, permeable paving
-Connectivity Projects (connecting high density housing/jobs/mixed use to transit):
• class one bicycle/pedestrian paths
• pedestrian/bicycle bridges

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