SIGNED INTO LAW - SB 734 (Lowenthal) Bicycle Paths & Crosswalks

Bill Number and Name: SB 734: Omnibus Transportation Bill

Author: Senator Alan Lowenthal (Long Beach)

Web link to bill language.

Summary: SB 734 adds statutory definitions of “bicycle path” and ”bicycle path crossing” to clarify the types of facilities that bicycles are permitted to use. Because current state law does not specifically define these facilities, bicyclists who use bike-only crosswalks (i.e., where a bike path crosses a street) have been cited for violating the prohibition against riding across a pedestrian crosswalk when pedestrians are present. Bicyclists have been denied legal protections when involved in collisions with motorists when using path crossings.

Defining bike paths and bike path crossings in state law will help eliminate some confusion about where bicyclists may and may not lawfully ride.

Background: Part of an Omnibus Transportation Bill supported by the CBC.. If you live outside of Assembly District 14, please encourage your legislator to support AB 652. Who's my representative?