Santa Clara and Oakland Avenue

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A cyclist can come from the Grand Avenue/Grand Lake Theater area towards the MacArthur & Broadway/Kaiser Permanente area by coming up Santa Clara Avenue or Elwood. Either way, the route runs into Santa Clara Avenue, which then intersects Oakland Avenue. Traffic is moving very fast there, as the motorists are exiting the freeway. A cyclist would tend to be moving fast, as it is a descent. On the right side, just before the intersection with Oakland Avenue, and in the intersection itself, there are some wide potholes, water collecting in the potholes, debris and gravel, etcetera, which occupy almost the entire righthand traffic lane. It is tricky, as this is not the best location to move left, and the sidewalk is very narrow here if one tries to move left. Perilous!


Santa Clara, Macarthur, Oakland Avenue
94611 Oakland