As the rains dry up, it's time to do some Hazard Reporting

Photo Credit Nate Seltenrich
The rains have dried up for the moment, and it is great to take a dry ride around town. It’s also the perfect time to report road hazards you see out on your ride. Why? A break in the rain means that maintenance crews will be out in full force, catching up on their repair schedule and fixing up damage due to the recent heavy weather. But, they can only fix the potholes they know about - that’s where our Hazard Reporting System comes in.

The next time you see a dangerous road condition, like a pothole or debris on the road, you can use our easy online Hazard Reporting System. Simply let us know the problem, and EBBC will alert the proper authority to the hazard. It’s an excellent system: EBBC helps you take the guesswork out of trying to figure out who to contact, and …

we keep a database tracking hazardous road conditions throughout the East Bay. Plus, as reported in the East Bay Express, city workers appreciate our services - the thousands of bicyclists on the road daily are the eyes that help keep the streets safe for everyone.

EBBC’s Hazard Reporting System is possible because of the efforts of dedicated member volunteers. The Hazard Reports are rolling in - can you help out as a Hazard Reporting Volunteer? It’s simple and rewarding- you’ll work with our Hazard Reporting Coordinator to alert the appropriate authorities to dangerous conditions in your town. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re responsible for tangible changes that make the streets safe for bicycles. For more information, contact carrie (dot) harvilla (at) ebbc (dot) org

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