Parents & Teachers - Kids can participate in the call for the Bay Bridge Path

…a cartoon coloring activity suitable for kids from ages 2 to 99.

Ken Avidor Bridge Cartoon

Please download and print the page-size B&W artwork from the link at the bottom of the page. The cartoon was contributed by world renowned artist Ken Avidor, creator of a flattened rodent called Roadkill Bill. Be sure that your future bridge rider signs their work and includes their age. Advanced students may want to write a short note about why the bridge path should be completed all the way to San Fransisco.

We invite you to deliver your art to EBBC’s office at Fruitvale Village, 3301 E 12th St (mail: PO Box 1736, Oakland, CA 94604) no later than the morning of Jan 27, 2010. At 10am we would like to share the collected art with the Bay Area Toll Authority at 101 Eighth St, opposite the Lake Merritt BART Station.

File attachment: PDF icon KenAvidorBridgeCartoon.pdf Image icon KenAvidorBridgeCartoon_color_sm.jpg Bay Bridge