BIG CHANCE * Bay Bridge Bike Path * Weds, Jan 27 deadline

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 - 9:30am to 11:30am

Updated 1/7/10; 1/15/10; 1/21/10
Temporary end of East Span Pathway

Will this pathway ever reach San Francisco?

View at left of East Span tower construction cranes and Yerba Buena Island from end of skyway construction, showing elevated 15.5-ft wide Alexander Zuckermann Pathway (Alex was EBBC’s founder).

The current toll increase proposals are essential, but fail to address needed transportation improvements. Now is the time to address funding the West Span Bicycle-Pedestrian-Maintenance Pathway and expand transbay transit capacity.

Thanks for the great turn-out on Wednesday, Jan. 27. A full report is HERE.

While the below calls for action are out of date, our campaign continues and the background information is still useful. We will update this soon.


  • PLEASE COME: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 9:30am (note time change – arrive early and get a sign, fill out a speaker card!), MetroCenter Auditorium, 101 Eighth St, Oakland (opposite Lake Merritt BART)
  • PLEASE WRITE: Use our action page to send a form letter at:

    While the specific calls for action are out of date, the background information is useful and our campaign continues. We will update this page soon.

  • PLEASE CALL: your MTC Commissioner directly:
    If you prefer to contact them directly, you can find your two county commissioners and write, and preferably call, them to urge a vote in favor of FULL FUNDING of the “West Span Safety Path.” CONTACT INFO HERE. (Also contact BCDC and ABAG representatives who are at large.)

Toll Increase Options Under Consideration:

The three toll options being considered by the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) all add up to a $160million/year additional money
to fund three things: (1) seismic retrofits of the Antioch and Dumbarton Bridges, (2) revenue enhancements to make up for declining traffic, and (3) increased debt financing. The East Bay Bicycle Coalition asks you to join our campaign for transportation improvements on the West Span by speaking out in support of the following proposal to “bridge the gap” between San Francisco and the Treasure Island neigborhood under development.

Our Ask: Modified “Congestion Pricing” Toll Option #3 (Alternate 1 or 2) to generate revenue needed to build the West Span Bicycle-Pedestrian-Maintenance Pathway & Transbay Transit Improvements

  • Alt 2: Set non-peak SFOBB tolls to $5 to match tolls for other six bridges, and
  • Maintain the $2 congestion pricing differential by establishing a $7 peak toll
  • You can review the toll options under consideration by BATA at:

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    You're kidding me, right?
    “You’re kidding me, right?”

    You can review Caltrans’ major study of the Safety Path: West Span Bicycle-Pedestrian-Maintenance Pathway Feasibility Study (2001) (8.6 MB, PDF). The MTC also commissioned a detailed Project Study Report on the West Span Bicycle-Pedestrian-Maintenance Pathway in April 2009. The project will enhance safety for motorists and workers. Routine bridge maintenance requires frequent, costly, lane closures. And without a shoulder, stranded motorists lack a refuge. This is ultimately a SAFETY PATH that more than pays for itself over time.

    Written comments on the survey conducted by BATA showed that 37% of the respondents called for completing the pathway. This represents an incredible amount of grassroots support for an option that BATA did not identify. Imagine a write-in candidate receiving 37% of the vote.

    The Cities of Emeryville and Berkeley have already adopted the SFOBB Resolution. It next goes for approval by the Berkeley City Council. We urge your community and organization to formally adopt the resolution supporting the West Span Bicycle-Pedestrian-Maintenance Pathway.

    Our latest EBBC newsletter, January 2010 issue, has a front page article on the West Span Path. (Check our newsletters page for all back issues, also linked from a button at the top of every page.)

  • Image icon PathEndNearTowerConstruction02_Ciccarelli.jpg PDF icon sfobbbike.pdf PDF icon SFOBB_Resolution_2010_ver010.pdf PDF icon Resolution of Support PDF icon Caltrans Study Fact Sheet Image icon "You're kidding me, right?" (Cartoon)