Call for Artwork - Beyond Bicycles @ Rock Paper Scissors Collective

This is a call for work - Artists, Thinkers, Creators - We seek your human-powered machines, bicycle-based inventions, and interactive kinetic sculpture. In May of 2010, Rock Paper Scissors Collective is hosting BEYOND BICYCLES, a celebration of the art, science, and politics of harnessing human power. Our inspiration is the bicycle, a simple machine that has transformed our experience of moving through the world. We see the bicycle as possibility, the tip of the big ol’ iceberg of human potential energy.

BEYOND BICYCLES will be an exhibition documenting the many ingenious uses of human power past and present. The Gallery space at Rock Paper Scissors Collective is limited so large works will only be displayed during opening night. Our month long exhibition will consist of a collection large color photographs of works, accompanied by a printed zine. There will also be a web zine which will be more extensive than the printed version.

We invite you to send us your work - past, present and future. What do you do with your potential and what do you believe is possible? Please send us digital images (no more than 10M at a time), specifications and descriptions. If you have video, please send us a link. We will accept proposals if your work is as yet unrealized. Include your contact information and let us know whether or not your work will be available for the May 7th opening. If your work is chosen, please be prepared to write a one to three page piece (how-to, history, etc.) about it for the exhibition zine.

The submission deadline is March 15th.

Send entries to:
gallery _at_ rpscollective _dot_ com.

By post:
2278 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland CA 94612

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