EBBC General Meeting 7/21/09 Draft Minutes

EBBC General Meeting – 7/21/09
Draft Minutes
Rockridge Library, 7:30 pm

22 people in attendance
Board members present: Steve Ardrey, Tom Ayres, Dave Campbell, Leo Dubose, Dave Favello, Craig Hagelin, Eric McCaughrin, Mary Norton, Ole Ohlson, Bill Pinkham, Rick Rickard
Staff: Robert Raburn, Carrie Harvilla

Future meetings
It may be difficult to use the Rockridge Library on Tuesday night in the future. We may need to move to another night of the week, unless we find another long-term home for our meetings, such as the new Berkeley Bikestation. The next general meeting will still be at Rockridge, Tuesday September 15.

2009 Contra Costa Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan – Robert Raburn
EBBC is concerned that this plan is not a strong blueprint for progress. Public comments are due by August 5 – sent to bbeck@ccta.net, with copy to local jurisdiction.
Suggested comments:
1) Assure night access to paths for transportation needs, and/or parallel on-street routes that would be lit, secure
2) Support wayfinding signage for cyclists, consistent with the new signage in Oakland
3) Review crash data to identify problem areas, and make the data available
4) Identify useful projects for Safe Routes to Transit funds
5) Make sure the plan is implemented, follow recommendations for improvements

CEQA/LOS campaign – Robert Raburn
The California Environmental Quality Act requires evaluation for congestion based on Level of Service – this prevents building bike lanes in areas such as near transit stations; cities are afraid of being sued if they violate the CEQA/LOS requirements. The policy needs to be changed; focusing on vehicle miles traveled (VMT) rather than LOS would be more bike and transit friendly. Contact Chris Calfree (916-653-5656, chris.calfee@resources.ca.gov) to urge revision of the guidelines.

Upcoming events
EBBC will be at numerous events in August and beyond, tabling as well as bike parking. Volunteers are needed – see our website.
We will have a new member party in Emeryville on August 26 at 6:30 pm – contact Carrie Harvilla for more information.

Next meeting: September 15 at the Rockridge Library at 7:30