EBBC Board Meeting 7/21/09 Draft Minutes

EBBC Board Meeting – 7/21/09
Draft Minutes
Rockridge Library, 7:00 pm

Board members present: Steve Ardrey, Tom Ayres, Dave Campbell, Leo Dubose, Dave Favello, Craig Hagelin, Eric McCaughrin, Mary Norton, Ole Ohlson, Bill Pinkham, Rick Rickard
Staff: Robert Raburn, Carrie Harvilla

Treasurer’s report – Rick Rickard
Our costs are divided into 4 categories: General operating, maps, Bike to Work Day, and Street Skills Classes. The last 2 of these are basically break-even categories, supported by grants; they are also difficult to track with Quickbooks because they involve multi-year activities. Our budget has grown, requiring more careful attention than in the past. Rick wants to set up a meeting on finances; Dave C, Rick, Robert Raburn, and Carrie Harvilla will take part, and Tom and Craig offer to attend as well.
The newsletter costs ~$1/copy, or $2500/month; the recent short (4-page) version cost only $1400. There is a discussion of re-evaluating these costs, such as by moving to a bimonthly newsletter if we can use our new software to prepare timely renewal reminder letters, and if we increase the use of phone calls and emails to urge renewals. A suggestion is made to poll our members in order to determine how many read the newsletter.

The talk by Jeff Mapes was approximately a break-even financially, thanks to sales of his books that paid for his airfare. Motion to accept the expense: APPROVED.
Motion to send up to 3 members (including Carrie Harvilla and Ricardo Pedavilla) to a Membership Development Seminar in SF in September ($550 total for 3): APPROVED.
Motion to buy a new EBBC banner, for use when EBBC appears at 2 events simultaneously, $150: APPROVED.
Motion to buy a 2nd canopy: more information is needed on the cost, and whether we can get a canopy with our logo printed on it, and whether we can find anyone to donate all or part of the cost.