Bicycle Boulevards now Grace Berkeley Paths Map

Berkeley’s Bicycle Boulevards now grace the 5th edition of the “Map of Berkeley’s Pathways”, from the Berkeley Path Wanderer’s Association (BPWA). The Boulevards fit easily on the detailed walking-scale map, which also shows automobile barriers along with all of the city’s connecting paths. Most of Berkeley’s paths cut through long residential blocks, and were designed in the days before the automobile defined transportation in Berkeley. Many of the paths (especially along the Arlington) lead directly to the streetcar stops of the day.

The BPWA is an organization dedicated to maintenance and expansion of the path system. BPWA work-day projects focus on opening up paths that were set aside by the original housing developers, but never constructed.

The map was produced by Hedberg Maps, which custom produces many walking scale maps for various clients, all friendly to alternative transportation.

File attachment: Image icon Thumbnail of Berkeley Paths Map