Berkeley Measure G Climate Action Kick-Off

Last November, Berkeley residents voted to take decisive action on global warming by approving Measure G, which targets an 80% reduction in Berkeley's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Now we need to all join together to make it happen. Join us on Saturday, May 19th to:

  • Get specific ideas and tips on what you can do today to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Learn what free and reduced price services can help you cut your energy use and drive less
  • Be the first to take a pledge to do your part to meet the community's emissions reduction goals.
  • Brainstorm ideas on how we can put solar on every roof, double the number of people who walk, bike, or take transit to work, and achieve our zero waste goal.

We need your ideas about what we can do and your commitment to change. See you there!

Lots of Free Stuff:

Gift certificates to green restaurants, compact fluorescent light bulbs, bike supplies, snacks and drinks, and much more!


The Ashby Stage
1901 Ashby Ave (at Martin Luther King)

For more information, contact:
(510) 981-7100