Deadline for West of the Hills Map Suggestions

EBBC will be doing a minor revision of the West of the Hills Map before the next print run. This is your chance to make suggestions for this invaluable resource that's created "for bicyclists by bicyclists." Is there a bike friendly route missing in your neighborhood? Want to warn others of a dangerous intersection? Notice a mistake? Submit your suggestions and corrections to Derek Liecty, Map Distributor, at (510) 339-2345 by June 30.

A mini-primer on map symbols. Things to keep in mind while crafting your comments:

  1. Bicycle routes are solid green lines. They represent the preferred routes for bicyclists of "average" ability. These routes may or may not have bike lanes. They are okay for most cyclists.
  2. In general the green lines connect majors destinations and corridors: shopping, schools, libraries, and transit.
  3. Symbols in red mean "watch out." They're for freeway on/off ramps, railroad crossings, and car crazy intersections.