How few miles do you think you can drive in one month?

Car-Free Challenge Logo

Join the East Bay Bicycle Coalition in taking the Car-Free Challenge in June to find out! We are putting together a team of bicyclists who are setting and reaching personal low mileage driving goals for the month of June. Some folks are going entirely car-free (or have been for quite a while - Viva la Bicicleta!), others are just trying to drive a little less.

Together we will send a message to our leaders that we need better biking, walking, and transit options in order to make our communities better, safer places to live and fight climate change.

We will also raise needed funds for our work and the work of TransForm, a local nonprofit we partner with to improve biking and transit options. That’s because each person who takes the Challenge sets a fundraising goal – and whatever money people on our team raise gets split 50-50 between EBBC and TransForm.

Our team (and you as an individual) can win great prizes and attend Challenge parties! This is also a fun way to share your stories (good and bad) of biking – and raising up our issues to a wide audience.

Visit our team page to see what we are up to and how others are taking the Challenge; we hope you’ll join us. Visit our team website to learn more about and sign-up for the Challenge. To join our team, you first need to sign up as an individual and then choose to sign up on our team. Thanks for being a part of this!

P.S. I signed up for the Car-Free Challenge and have been biking more than ever since June 1st. Check out my latest Challenge blog post…then join me and share your own stories

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