2007 Campaigns (All 6 are victories)

Complete Streets Act of 2007 (Circulation and General Plan code revisions introduced as AB 1358). Our successful Routine Accommodation policy goes for Statewide consideration. See: rideOn, March 2007.
SUCCESS AB 1358 signed by the Governor in 2008.

Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) in Concord and West Alameda represent significant opportunities for planning future bicycle access, both internally and with adjacent communities and transit services.
SUCCESS Concord's adopted plan includes open space and bicycle access.

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) - The MTC is working on a new funding plan to replace the prior RTP (passed in 2004 with $200 million allocated to help implement the Regional Bike Plan). The EBBC will collaborate with TALC and the BABC to build a strong case for the funds needed to complete the bike plan.
SUCCESS $1 billion allocated in 2009 to complete the regional bicycle network.

Measure AA - The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) intends to place an extension bond measure to their 1988 Measure AA ($225 million) on the November 2008 ballot. The EBBC and EBRPD share the same county boundaries and we intend to work with EBRPD staff and directors in compiling the project expenditure plan.
SUCCESS $500 million Measure WW approved by voters includes many bikeway projects EBBC lobbyed to include.

Contra Costa Countywide Bicycle Pedestrian Plan (CBPP) is due to be revised in 2007, three years after the existing plan was adopted in 2004. We seek to address the numerous plan deficiencies and incorporate "routes of regional importance" into the bikeway network.
SUCCESS (partial) The CCTA began revisions in 2009, yet the draft plan remains inadequate.

Parade Permits in Alameda County - This problem came to the fore in 2006, and the annual Mt Hamilton Challenge was saved from a challenge by the county sheriff's office. The EBBC and recreational clubs seek to offer bicyclists the opportunity to simply follow the CA Vehicle Code (§21200a) and not have rides regulated by the sheriff if special traffic control is not needed on public roads.
SUCCESS 2009 represented the first year that all organized rides were conducted without threats from the Sheriff.