2500 Cinderellas on the Road

KimberlyBonnie Powers has promoted and ridden the Cinderalla Classic for 33 years. She was in good spirits on April 4 as the “Prince Charmings” in the Valley Spokemen put on a tremendous event that attacts thousands of female riders to the Livermore and San Ramon Valleys. The women- and girls-only metric-century kicks-off the ride season each year and pre-registration again reached the 2500 limit well before the day of the event.

Among the riders was EBBC Board Member Mary Norton, joined by her daughter who made the Cinderalla part of her spring break visit from her senior year in college.

Cinderella Road RulesCostumed riders add to the festivity and seem to get more creative every year. Check out the photos of Kimberly’s jester outfit and coordinated message pinned to her back. She stopped by the EBBC table to chat with Ricardo and Robert after “a great ride on a beautiful day,” sharing that she only began regularly riding a bicycle two years ago during Bike to Work Day!

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