EBBC Board Meeting 11-18-08 Draft Minutes

EBBC Board Meeting – 11/18/08 – Draft Minutes

Board members present: Dave Campbell, Dave Favello, Craig Hagelin, Ole Ohlson, Rick Rickard, Mary Norton, Leo Dubose, Tom Ayres, Steve Ardrey, Bill Plimpton, Eric McCaughrin

Election of board members and officers
There are suggestions for people who may be good board members, now or future. Several current members are willing to step off the board to make room for new board members, perhaps mid-year. There is a suggestion to have 4 rather than 6 board meetings per year; that will be discussed at the annual retreat.
A motion for the current board members to continue: APPROVED.
Motion for officers to continue: APPROVED.

Funds for database transition
Robert reports we have $3k from the East Bay Community Foundation earmarked for the database transition; Hal has been working for several weeks, reviewing the old records, and next will work with new database. Robert wants approval to spend up to $3k for this work.

Funds to translate safety class materials into Spanish
Original plan was to translate Street Skills. It turns out half of it has already been translated. LAB has a new Road 1 book that has not been translated; Dave Campbell has talked with Preston from LAB on partnering with LAB on that. So the exact dispensation of these funds is still in flux, to get the maximum benefit.

Retreat planning
We will look into renting Hidden Villa (Los Altos), if arrangements can be made. Possible dates are Jan 17 or 31 – settle on 31st Motion for EBBC to cover up to $750 of costs for the retreat: APPROVED
Agenda items will include considering the board meeting schedule, update on membership issues, considering hiring. We discussed hiring people for roles such as volunteer coordinator, membership coordinator, office work, valet parking coordinator, etc. Board members generally favor further consideration of at least a part-time paid position. Robert is quite interested in someone to relieve him of bike parking responsibilities, but also says growing our membership is key to our strength. There are comments that it may be difficult to find properly-qualified people to hire.

Treasurer’s report
Rick Rickard distributed monthly and year-to-date financial reports.