EBBC General Membership Meeting

The General Membership Meeting will be held at Oakland's Rockridge Branch Library, 5366 College Avenue at Manila.

The meeting begins promptly at 7:30pm. The agenda will include the following discussions:

R = Report A = Action


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Adoption of October General Meeting Minutes A
  3. Bicycle Safety/Neighborhood Bicycle Center grant application to ACTIA A
  4. BTA Applications: Alameda County Union City Blvd bike lane BTA application, and Contra Costa: BTA applications?A
  5. Motorized vehicles (segways) on EBRPD Class I paths (Raburn Comments; Study) and Statewide (NEVs in Lincoln)A
  6. 2009 Retreat A
  7. 2009 Legislative Agenda Priority - CEQA/LOS/Bike Lanes R
  8. BART & EBBC/Cycles of Change Lifeline Transportation Grants R
  9. Market Street Signage/Stencil Pilot Project: Oakland A
  10. Richmond-San Rafael Bridge & BCDC rescheduled to Dec or Jan R
  11. Regional Bicycle Plan. (See Chapt 4 for county maps) R
  12. GUEST SPEAKER - Please join us as we welcome Grey Kolevzon, co-founder of Cycles of Change as he presents "A Decade of Community Involvement." Grey will discuss how their closely-affiliated organization has grown from providing middle-school students with bicycle repair skills and healthy activites, their Bicycle Recycle activites at Alameda Point Collective, and their recent Neighborhood Bicycle Center grant application.