Albany Strollers & Rollers Regular Meeting

Albany Strollers & Rollers will hold our regular meeting in less than two weeks. There's plenty to talk about, so come join us in spirited discussion and planning:

November 9, 7-9 pm

634 San Carlos Ave., Albany, near Memorial Park

Everyone interested in walking and rolling in Albany is invited to attend

Probable Agenda Items:

- Buchanan path; the city is going ahead with evaluation of the Cleveland route. What can we do to follow-through with the process?

- Measure F funds; city staff recently proposed a re-allocation of funds, leaving a balance of over $600,000. What use do we want to advocate for the remaining funds?

- Schools;
* All three elementary schools recently celebrated Walk and Roll to School Day. At least two of the schools are making it a monthly event.
* The Albany HIgh School Transportation Initiative is looking to install more bike racks, and may have other projects.

- and more...

Additional agenda items, questions, or comments to