Albany Strollers and Rollers meeting

There will be a regular meeting of the Albany Strollers and Rollers this Monday, July 28. 7:30PM, 634 San Carlos Ave., Albany. As usual, we will be discussing current and future/potential projects including:

-the Buchanan bicycle path project and our efforts to get the USDA to allow study of the preferred alignment of the path.

-the Ohlone Greenway BART column retrofit and the subsequent rebuilding of the the paths.

-the UC Village development project and opportunities and implications for bicycle and pedestrian transit in the area.

-the reprioritization of Measure F-funded capital projects

-the creation of a new committee or representative post in city government for pedestrians and cyclists (called for in the Bicycle Master Plan).

-the Pierce St. portion of the Cerrito Creek connector trail to the Bay Trail.

-outreach to the schools

-the Climate Action Plan (new item)

All are welcome. Please come join us!