High Wheel Race in Albany

highwheelHere’s an opportunity to enjoy some scortching by high-wheel riders and celebrate Albany’s Centennial this Sunday! As part of a full day of criterium racing sponsored by the Berkeley Bicycle Club and East Bay Velo Club, you will have an opportunity to see entertaining noon-time races. Highwheel, or penny farthing, bicycles predate the modern safety bicycle that became prevalent from the late 1880s onward.

Kids can enter the open kid’s races (on safety bicycles, not high wheels) that begin at 11:35am.

START-FINISH: Portland between Key Route Boulevard and Carmel on the south side of Memorial Park in Albany. The course is 0.6 mile.

Afterward (about 1:30pm), you can join a mass highwheeler ride along the Bay Trail.

Please respect the neighbors and ride to the event.

When Tim Bustos recently dropped by EBBC’s Fruitvale Village office on his 48-inch high-wheel, he attracted lots of attention that is usually reserved for scraper bikes. We elected not to scraperize his big wheel out of concern for the effect from crosswinds.