$$$ Billions for ??? Your letters and comments led to success!

Transportation 2035 Plan--a mode shift is possible!

[Original Post modified to report post July 23 results] Bike to Work Day demonstrated that well over 100,000 Bay Area commuters can shift modes. Many were surprised so many commuters would brave the gaps in regional bikeways and inadequate bicycle security at transit and workplace destinations. Can you imagine the mode shift if a continuous network of bikeways existed and safe routes led to transit stations that offered secure bicycle parking?

Over the past two months, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) made critical decisions about investments for the $200+ billion, 25-year Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

We asked you to take action in support of the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition Platform for Active Transportation, along with the platform of our close ally, the Transportation Land Use Coalition (both drafted with EBBC input/support). Your help was crucial for us to win more funding for Bay Area bike/ped programs so that we can build out our Regional Bikeway Network, and make it safer and more convenient to walk or bike to transit and schools.

This funding plan only happens every four years, so it was imperative we mobilize all members to let the Commission know our transportation investment priorities.

There were are two very important actions EBBC requested:
1. Take 2 minutes and fill out MTC's web survey (now over)
2. Take another 2 minutes and write your MTC Commissioners (click for mailing addresses) today and ask him/her to support BABC's investment recommendations (in the aftermath, please write a short thank-you) :

Scott Haggerty, County Supervisor

Tom Bates, Mayor of Berkeley

Federal Glover, County Supervisor

Amy Worth, City of Orinda Councilmember

Sample Letter (we encourage handwritten letters over email as the most effective advocacy tool)

Dear Commissioner __________,

As a resident of _________, (add a personal intro sentence on BTWD mode shift, Safe Routes to Transit, or a local success or barrier.)

Thank you for voting to adopt ambitious greenhouse gas, vehicle miles traveled (VMT), congestion, safety, and affordability goals for the T2035 regional transportation plan (RTP). I'm writing to urge you to make investments that support these goals. As a member of East Bay Bicycle Coalition I support the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition and the Transportation and Land Use Coalition's RTP platforms.

Specifically, I'm asking you to:
• Increase funding for the Regional Bikeway Network to $1.5 billion over the next 25 years (including building out important public access segments on bridges).
• Increase funding for Safe Routes to Transit by investing an additional $10 million/year for the next 25 years.
• Create a new Safe Routes to Schools grant program and fund it at $10 million/year for the next 25 years.
• Fully fund the proposed Transportation Climate Action Campaign at $184 million over the next 5 years.
• Increase funding for the TLC land use program to $1.5 billion over 25 years.

Thank you for your consideration.
xxxxxx, City, County