Seeking a bike attachment for a second bike with no rider (allowing children independent ride but parent option for bike return

As a Safe Routes to School Volunteer, I hear often of parents who ride to school or want to but have a problem that the kid then needs to go on to an afterschool program by bus and the bike is a problem. Needed is an alternative that allows parents to take a kid’s own bike back to the next destination in a simple mounted rack attached to their own bike.

I have seen twice now riding in Berkeley a simply rig that takes a second bike and puts it in a “sleeve” that looks like a half a pizza pan welded to a full metal pizza pan welded to a standard rear mounted rack. A second bike's front wheel is raised into the “sleeve” on the first bike’s rack and the second bike’s back wheel stays on the ground. It looks easy to make, easy to use and brilliant for the on-going parent dilemma. No one can ride while it is mounted (bikes look like one is giving the other a piggy back ride).

Seen this only on Berkeley streets so wonder if it is hand made and if so I am hoping to find source, local or otherwise. This is alternative to a bike trailer where the child may ride on their own bike (with parent accompanying on same route). Due to reasons of size, skill, image, age, cost, or other some families can't or won’t use a trailer.

I searched on-line but no luck. A national contact referred me to which is great and gets at the problem I am describing. But I am wondering if a cheaper or local option exists like what I describe here?

Anyone know who made this option described here? Any interested in seeing how we can make them available or provide contact info for? I could not find on-line. Be great to have them or information on how to buy at events like the SR2S family cycle March 22 and bike rodeo May 10.

Amber SR2S Berkeley Task Force