60cm Trek 1000: red/white/blue paint scheme


Steve Anton, 302-547-5807, santon@berkeley.edu


Size 60cm Trek 1000 from the year 2001, I believe. Red, white, and blue paint scheme as shown in the photo. Only noticeable modification is the white handlebar tape, blue tires, and silver Look clipless pedals. I didn't have time to register it as I'd only been riding it for a week or so before it was stolen. As such, there's no serial number, but there is a very distinct feature. When I moved from the east coast, I shipped the bike and during the transit, the right side (looking at the back of the bike) of the seat stay was severely scraped up. The left side was virtually untouched. If you find my bike, please notify me ASAP; I can offer reward, 302-547-5807.

First 2 characters of serial number




On the campus of UC Berkeley, right next to the campanille, the bell tower. Specifically, it was between LeConte Hall and Birge Hall, stolen between 12 and 4pm on Monday, March 3rd.