Recessed utility covers

Assigned to:Ian McDonald
Created:Visitor (not verified) at February 3, 2018 - 6:43am
Status:New (other / Priority minor)
Case ID:Hazard Reports: 15100-15874


Several utility covers on Russell Street west of King Street are recessed by several inches, which creates sharp roadway edges that could easily cause a bicyclist to crash. Usually the road surface is even with the utility covers, but not here. Adding a rubber cover might be a good solution. This is a Bicycle Boulevard. UPDATE 2-3-18: Submitted to Berkeley PW; received service request number 384787. Also submitted to the PW admin office, asking if Berkeley has a policy of ensuring paving contractors raise the utility covers to meet the road surface. UPDATE 2-5-18: Heard back from the ever-helpful admin in the PW dep't: "I’ve added your question to the case file and forwarded it to the Public Works Engineers, whose staff oversee the paving programs."

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