Bridge Toll Increase Could Expand Regional Transit and Biking

With traffic grinding to a halt around the Bay Area, state lawmakers are weighing whether to increase bridge tolls to fund major transportation improvements. Regional Measure 3 (RM3) could raise up $4.2 billion for major transit and traffic relief projects over twenty years. The Assembly Transportation Committee voted 10-2 in support of a proposal that allocates $150 million to bikes-peds for RM3 (SB 595). Much more is needed and warranted.

We have joined forces with local bicycle coalitions around the Bay Area to ensure RM3 includes significant funding for bike improvements.  We’re asking that $500 million be dedicated to bike access on bridges, Bay Trail projects, and our successful Safe Routes to Transit Program. The bill goes to Appropriations Committee soon. We still have time to improve this plan.

Make sure lawmakers in Sacramento dedicate new toll funds to building new bikeways by emailing your state representative today. See the links below to find your representative. Please cc or forward the response you receive to our advocacy team at

Write Your Representative

Dear Assemblymember/Senator _______,

I am writing to ask that you ensure SB 595: Regional Measure 3 includes significant funding for building new bikeways as part of major projects to ease congestion in the Bay Area. Bicycling infrastructure is a crucial component of expanding mass transit systems. New bikeways will encourage people to bike to BART, rail systems and buses, all of which would help ease congestion on freeways and bridges.

As requested by Bike East Bay and a coalition of bicycling groups around the Bay Area, please direct $500 million to build new bikeways on the Bay Trail and Safe Routes to Transit projects. These projects have real potential to reduce auto congestion on Bay Area bridges, relieve crowding on BART, and lower carbon emissions, while increasing the health of residents by providing a healthy, active commute option.


[Your name and address]

Email Your Representative (find your rep)

Contact your local state representative and ask for $500 million in Bay Trail/Safe Routes to Transit in SB 595: Regional Measure 3 and cc’

  1. Assemblymember Rob Bonta (Oakland - Alameda - San Leandro)

  2. Senator Bob Wiecowski (Hayward - Fremont)

  3. Assemblymember Bill Quirk (Hayward - Fremont)

  4. Senator Nancy Skinner (Richmond - Oakland)

  5. Assemblymember Jim Frazier (Antioch - Brentwood)

  6. Assemblymember Tim Grayson (Central Contra Costa County)

  7. Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (Hercules - Richmond - Berkeley)

  8. Assemblymember Catherine Baker (Walnut Creek - San Ramon - Livermore)