How Would You Use Bay Bridge Path if Open Weekdays?

We bridged this huge gap thanks to support from over 4,000 members like you. Join Bike East Bay as a member to help extend the path to San Francisco. 

Hundreds of people walked and biked on the Bay Bridge to Yerba Buena Island for the first time on Sunday October 23. The Alexander Zuckermann Bicycle and Pedestrian Path, named for the late co-founder of Bike East Bay, is finally complete after two decades of advocacy. However, the path is only open weekends and holidays from 7am - 6pm starting Saturday November 5. Caltrans expects to open the path for 24/7 access on March 1, 2017 after concluding demolition activity on the old Bay Bridge.

Due to the history of delays in completing this project, we’re asking all path users to let Caltrans know how important this pathway is for weekday usage. Email Caltrans your positive perspective on weekday demand here.

We hoped you would not have to wait four months to use the path every day. It took over three years to complete the project after the path partially opened in September 2013. Since the path opened last week, Bike East Bay has gotten numerous calls and emails from members asking about the limited hours.

“I have been planning for years (literally) to use this path as part of my commute, biking to Treasure Island and boarding a Muni bus to finish my commute,” said Lucas Ostrum, who lives in Oakland and works in San Francisco. “Sure beats stuffing myself into an overcrowded BART car for $9/day.”

“I work on Treasure Island and live in Emeryville. For the past 25 years I’ve biked to every job but this one,” said Eric House.

Bike East Bay knows there is a huge demand for opening the path for commuters traveling between the East Bay, Treasure Island, and San Francisco. Caltrans would appreciate hearing from you. Tell them your story: when, where and how frequently you’ll be riding on the path during the week. You can help ensure that Caltrans sticks to its schedule and opens the path on weekdays starting March 1, or sooner.

Click here for updated information on how to access the newly completed path.

Tell Caltrans Your Story

Your email will be shared with Caltrans as we work them and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to open the path all hours, and to complete the path to San Francisco. Please keep it positive and encouraging.

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Please focus on "how" you would use the Bay Bridge pathway on weekdays, more than whether you think opening the path weekdays is a good idea. We want Caltrans to hear how people would use the path. Thanks.