Lots of Debris on Westbound Stanley Blvd. Livermore to Pleasanton

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at May 25, 2016 - 4:16pm
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Livermore section: Lots of screws and nails. I picked up some, but there is an abnormal amount mostly toward Livermore, but all down the road to Pleasanton. Pleasanton section: very large sycamore tree branches in bike lane. Once again, if these were in the roadway where cars go, I am sure it would be taken care of, but nobody seems to care if they are in bike lane. One branch is so big, it completely blocks the bike lane. I am a daily bike commuter. Only a matter of time before there is an injury due to lack of attention. Always seems to be a debate between Alameda County and Pleasanton as to whom is responsible for maintaining landscaping and roadway. UPDATE 5-27-16: Submitted to all three agencies (Alameda County, Pleasanton & Livermore), asking for verification of responsibility, and immediate clearing/sweeping. UPDATE 5-31-16: Just heard back from Alameda County PW: "Your Issued Work Order #0000400887 has been created." UPDATE 6-1-16: Alameda County PW reported: "The section of roadway belonging to Alameda County has been swept."

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debris in shoulder