Oxford/Fulton needs a dedicated bike lane now!

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A severe car-bike collision happened on 2/2/16 at Bancroft & Fulton in Berkeley. http://www.berkeleyside.com/2016/02/02/after-bike-crash-roads-closed-near-uc-berkeley-campus/ Fulton is so clearly a bike hazard, while also being an obvious North-South route for cyclists between Berkeley and North Oakland. Yet the bike lane that exists on Oxford ends at Bancroft Way, while at the same time the car lanes EXPAND from 2 to 3, leaving no room for bikes. Then at Fulton and Durant car lanes go to 2 again and cyclists on Fulton then have to dodge parked cars from Durant through Dwight, while hoping drivers behind them on Fulton don't get aggressive. Please add this route to the Bikes East Bay list of needed bike lanes. Thanks! UPDATE 2/4/16: Dave & Robert of BikeEastBay staff report they "were working with city staff and encouraging improvements on Fulton even before this collision. There were some huge missed opportunities to do something last year when Fulton was repaved, as the street was already identified to receive bike lanes all the way back in the 1998 bike plan. I brought this to their attention when I heard about the paving plan, and yet they still declined to work on it. The Berkeley bike plan update happening now will probably take these proposals for Fulton even further. We are now seeing what we can do to use this incident as an example of why the city needs to be proactive about bikeway improvements everywhere around the city, and speed up the implementation process at known problem locations to better avoid similar tragedies in the future."

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