San Pablo Dam Rd. & I-80 Interchange

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Created:Visitor (not verified) at December 15, 2015 - 8:10pm
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Pedestrian crosswalk buttons do not trigger a walk signal on ALL crosswalks in both directions at the San Pablo Dam Rd./I-80 Interchange. There is also no legal way to turn left off of San Pablo Dam Rd. here so the only legal option is to walk the bike through several crosswalks. The crosswalk buttons never cause the walk signal to come on. This is so dangerous when I commute on this route 5 days a week with my two five year old children on the way to school. -Thank you. UPDATE 12-16-15: Submitted to both Contra Costa County PW (Stephen Kowalewski, Dir of Engineering) as well as CalTrans (Paul Lai, Signal issues staff) in the hopes of one or the other taking responsibility. UPDATE 12-17-15: Learned that CalTrans staff has changed, and my contact is no longer there. Sent a request to Sergio Ruiz (Acting Pedestrian & Bicycle Branch Chief) who should be able to help. UPDATE 12-22-15: Heard back from CoCoCo and they confirmed it is under the jurisdiction of CalTrans. They're forwarding the request to their CalTrans contacts, and I've sent another note to Sergio Ruiz asking for his help.